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Topic Community Communications

Click here for public policy and legislation around community media from the Alliance for Community Mediahttp://www.alliancecm.org/index.php?page_id=23  Amy Sample Ward


Opportunities for and resources to facilitate communications and media in communities and neighborhoods.



See also Communication, Social Media and Public Broadcasting Glossary

+where to start
+resources and best practices

Click here to learn about media education from Portland Community Media:  http://www.pcmtv.org/educate_media_education.php


Mapping Access is a community directory of Cable Access Television. Seeking to provide useful information for residents and media-makers, MappingAccess.org allows anyone to submit or update information about a Cable Access Television station in their commnity. http://mappingaccess.org/


50 Groups Urge FCC to Support Media Diversity
September 16th, 2009 by Megan Tady


Phoebe Owens


DMCA , Fair Use, Documentary Filmmakers and Remixers Posted by Patricia Aufderheide on May 7, 2009


Phoebe Owens


Community Media Review
Click here to read current and past issues of CMR online:  http://communitymediareview.org
Marie Deatherage

Benton Foundation
Click here to download "Losing Ground Bit by Bit: low-income communities in the information age" from Beton, published in 1998: www.benton.org/publibrary/ losing-ground/losing-ground.pdf
Marie Deatherage


OPB strengthens its presence in Wallowa County

Written by Katy Nesbitt, Correspondent October 22, 2009

WALLOWA — There is good news on the horizon for Wallowa County’s access to statewide and national news outlets.



Click here to read "The Role of the Media in Building Community" from the Pew Center for Civic Journalismhttp://usinfo.state.gov/journals/itgic/0401/ijge/gj02.htm Amy Sample Ward

Community Media Project
Click here to download "Building community through media," a report detailing media models for CMP published in 2000:  http://www.metro-region.org/article.cfm?articleid=1587  Amy Sample Ward


Creating Video Content

a Meyer Memorial Trust New Media Seriess Event

Held March 9, 2007, at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. Attendees learned about telling their story and the digital video format. Click here to read the notes and see links: Creating Video Content




Digital Storytelling
"Digital storytelling is an emerging art form of personal, heartful expression that enables individuals and communities to reclaim their personal cultures while exploring their artistic creativity. While the heart and power of the digital story is shaping a personal digital story about self, family, ideas, or experiences, the technology tools also invite writers and artists to think and invent new types of communication outside the realm of traditional linear narratives."

Click here for more information and examples from DigiTales:  http://www.digitales.us/index.php

Contact: Bernajean Porter