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Portland Children's Investment Fund RFIs+definitions

As of 01/21/09: The Children's Investment Fund is currently accepting Requests for Investments in Early Childhood, After School, Mentoring and Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention. You can download the RFIs and their accompanying exhibits by clicking on the links below.
*Check back the week of Jan. 26th for Current Research/Best Practices docs as well as the Foster Care RFI and accompanying exhibits


The Children's Investment Fund was created by Portland voters in 2002 through passage of the Children's Levy. In November 2008, city voters renewed the Children's Levy to support CHIF for another five years.

The Children's Investment Fund provides about $13 million a year for five years to support programs designed to help children arrive at school ready to learn, provide safe and constructive after-school alternatives for kids, prevent child abuse, neglect and family violence and help foster kids succeed.